Nate Lerner Nate Lerner


Nate Lerner (b.1982, Cambridge, MA) studied photography with Marion Belanger at Wesleyan University (MALS, 2017). Based in New Haven, CT, he is interested in place, culture, and time as reflected through natural and built environments – the spaces/ideas we create and the ways that we inhabit or abandon them. His work concerns human experiences of the sublime and the mundane (put differently, magic and trauma), especially the moments where those elements intersect. His photographs have explored themes of historical violence, domesticites, temporal hybridities, and borders; current projects involve algorithmically generated text, collage, and bookmaking.

Trained as a composer in the conservatory tradition of western art music, he is particularly interested in how form and sequence shape content and inform viewer responses. Currently a director at Wesleyan University, his 10+ years of management experience in higher education have limited bearing on his artistic practice aside from having provided an intimate knowledge of ressentiment and other miseries. His work can be found in the Flatfile at Artspace New Haven, the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library at Yale University, in numerous private collections, and has been featured on the websites Ain't-Bad and Connecticut Art Review.

Say hello at lerner(dot)nate(at)gmail(dot)com.