Nate Lerner Nate Lerner

Fall 2018

Friends, Family, and Other Good People I Like,

I’m happy to share that I’ll be participating in two programs this October, the first of which is an exciting group show at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art. #Unload: Pick Up The Pieces is an inclusive, community-driven exhibition exploring issues surrounding gun control laws and the impact of guns on society. Artists from diverse backgrounds and working across media will create material-driven and conceptually-charged works either from decommissioned gun parts from a Hartford buy-back program or works inspired by the theme. The opening reception is on October 11 (5-8pm); the work will be on display through November 11, when a closing reception will take place from 1-3pm.

New Haven’s City Wide Open Studios will be taking place throughout the month, with an opening reception at Artspace on October 5 from 5-8pm. I’ll have one small piece on display at Artspace throughout Open Studios, and will also be participating in the Alternative Space weekend at Yale West Campus (October 26-28) where I’ll be presenting a multitude of prints. Most of these prints have been created in my newly configured home darkroom, and I’m excited to share them. The weekend will also feature commissioned installations from the likes of Marion Belanger, Aude Jomini (with Adam Berkwitt, Chen Reichert, Sam Malissa, Laura Marsh, David B. Smith, and Alexandra Jomini), and other brilliant humans. Please stop by and say hello!

For those of you who can’t make it to the above, here are a few sources of recent inspiration that might interest you as well.

1. Re-reading Laura Wexler is never a bad thing, and I’m finding Tender Violence to be particularly salient as I work on a project dealing with sites of historical violence and erasure. A major takeaway this time is how easy it is for the work of art itself to become a new locus of said violence (the recent Dana Schutz controversy being an obvious, if exaggerated, example).

2. Yale University Press’ exquisite edition of the Voynich Manuscript is now available for under $40 (mystery manuscript practically pays for itself!) and is well worth exploring. If you’re unfamiliar with this, you’re welcome for the next couple of hours’ worth of internetting. (See also: Codex Seraphinianus)

3. A classic organ trio riffing on Curtis Mayfield? Yes, please.

I hope everyone is enjoying, or at least surviving, this weird transition into Fall.

In solidarity,